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Student Workbook

Page 188 - Activity 127

Question 3:
Describe how fish achieve adequate ventilation of the gills through:

Page 106 - Activity 77 The Genetic Code

In the fill-in table, the amino acid codes for isoleucine and tryptophan should be Ile and Trp respectively.

Model Answers

Page 6 - Activity 29: Optical Microscopes

Q5 should read:

5. (a) Magnification is the number of times larger an object appears compared to the actual size. Resolution is the ability to distinguish between two objects.
(b) The higher the resolution, the higher the magnification can be (and image will still be clear).

Page 14 - Activity 84: Key Terms: Did You Get it?

Q3. Second to last amino acid should be Ala. Lie should be Ile (Isoleucine)

Page 83, activity 62: Comparing Globular and Fibrous Proteins

Q1. (a) Fibrous proteins, such as collagen and elastin, are part of connective tissues, such as tendons and ligaments (and also in skin), which provide support and rigidity to more fluid components of tissues.

Activity 98

The mean absorbance at 0°C should be 0.0037 (not 0.0055 as in the model answers).

The horizontal axis on the graph (page two of the activity) does not accurately reflect the steps in ethanol concentration. This has subsequently been corrected.

Page 99, activity 73 Question 6

…nucleotides are added to the 3' end…

Page 104 - Activity 104 (page 142)

Question 2:
There is an error in the plot for 0.25 mol dm-3 (change was plotted in error instead of % change). This affects the answers in questions 3.
Download the corrected graph here.

3. (a) Approximately 0.23 mol dm-3
(b) -1 x 0.16 x 8.31 x 295 = -392.2 kPa

Page 116, Activity 86

Q2 answer should read …
2. Catabolic reactions break down complex molecules and release energy. Anabolic reactions build complex molecules and require energy input.

Activity 103: Water Movement in Plant Cells (page 140)

Page 18 Q2(b) A= -400 B = -500 and water moves to the right.
This error has been corrected in the Teacher's Digital Edition

Activity 101: Diffusion Cell Size (page 137)

Page 18 Q6: A cell measuring 1x1x1 cm will have a SA of 6 cm squared and will have a surface area of 48 square cm (not 42). Apologies for the error.
The Teacher's Digital Edition is correct.

Activity 170: Adaptations of Xerophytes (page 227)

The "Leaf upper surface" label on the marram grass photograph  should read "Leaf lower surface". Explanation: Unlike most plants, the stomata in marram grass are on the upper surface and the upper surface is rolled inwards to create a moist microenvironment for the stomata.
Apologies for any confusion.