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Weblinks for this title are no longer being maintained

Our first edition of Biology for NGSS is no longer for sale and it's weblinks are no longer being maintained by BIOZONE.
Please follow this link to view the weblinks for our new edition of Biology for NGSS


66. DNA Replication (page 90)

Erratum (advanced printing only): The 3' 5' labels on the top most of the DNA molecule pictured have been transposed in error.

107. Consumers (page 143)

Erratum (advanced printing only): On energy and minerals schematic, key to arrows is transposed, and Sun to producer should be an energy arrow only (not a combined arrow). This has been corrected in the final print.

109. Food Webs (page 145)

Erratum in key to food web (advance copies only). Arrow should be labeled consumer-resource interactions.

184. Natural Selection (page 245)

Erratum (advance copies only): The column heading for the first table should read No. 1978 survivors.

Inheritance of Traits (chapter introduction, page 192)

Erratum: "Genes expressed by the cell can be regulated in different ways"

Activity 1, page 6: The Scientific Method

Diagram has been revised so that 'background research", which incorporates observation, has been removed and observation begins the information flow. Of course observation is a feature of the scientific method throughout, not just at the beginning. The flow represents a model of one possible methodological scenario.

Activity 21, page 32: Introduction to Cells

Label on bacterial cell should read: Nuclear membrane absent (chromosome is free is cytoplasm). Since revised to read: "Nuclear membrane absent. Single, naked chromosome is free in cytoplasm within a nucleoid region."

Students may wish to add to the lists:
Prokaryotic cells:
Single, circular chromosome of naked DNA.

Eukaryotic cells:
Multiple linear chromosomes consisting of DNA and associated proteins.

Activities 10-12

Contents should read:

10  Types of Data   12

11  Variables and Controls  13

12  A Case Study: Catalase Activity   14

Activities 195, page 266: Examples of Genetic Variation

Under "Qualitative traits" (correction in bold)
Qualitative traits are determined by one or two genes with a limited number of variants present in the population.