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Student Workbook

Page 249 - Activity 183

Question 3:
Describe how fish achieve adequate ventilation of the gills through:

Model answers

Page 31 - Activity 169 (page 231)

Question 2:
There is an error in the plot for 0.25 mol dm-3 (change was plotted in error instead of % change). This affects the answers in questions 3.
Download the corrected graph here.

  • (a) Approximately 0.16 mol dm-3
  • (b) -365 kPa
  • (c) 0 kPa (answer unchanged)
  • (d) -365 kPa

Activity 167: Water Movement in Plant Cells (page 228)

Page 30 Q2(b) A= -400 B = -500 and water moves to the right.
This error has been corrected in the Teacher's Digital Edition

Activity 170: Diffusion Cell Size (page 232)

Page 31 Q6: A cell measuring 1x1x1 cm will have a SA of 6 cm squared and will have a surface area of 48 square cm (not 42). Apologies for the error.
The Teacher's Digital Edition is correct.

Activity 93 Staining a Slide (page 123)

Page 18 of the Model Answers
Q3(b) H&E (not iodine)
TDE correct