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Physical Sciences for NGSS

Teacher's Edition

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ISBN 978-1-927309-82-7
Edition 2020 (1st Edition)
Format Paperback
Suitability NGSS Physical Sciences (grade 9-12); General Integrated Physical sciences (Physics and Chemistry) program (grade 9-12)
Number of Pages 376
Size 210 x 297mm
Color Full Color

Teacher Purchase Only

This title is for teacher purchase only and is not sold to students. This product can only be purchased when ordering a class set (20+) of student editions of the same title. Please contact the sales team for more information.

Product Description

The Teacher’s Edition is identical to the student edition, but with additional teacher-only features including:

  • Model Answers in place,
  • Embedded 3-dimensional coding,
  • Identification of performance expectations and Common Core State Standards in situ and in alignment tables
  • Pedagogical guidance and assistance with approach, pacing and use in differentiated classroom
  • Extra material for extending gifted and talented students


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These errata apply only to all versions of the Physical Sciences books.

Activity 2: Systems and System Models (Page 4)
Under the "Types of Model" heading, the text should read:
Visual models can include drawings, schematics, and three dimensional models. These can be made out of materials such as clay and ice-cream sticks, such as this model of a water molecule (below).
In the mathematical model, the caption should indicate "as shown right".