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Biology for NGSS

Student Edition

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Suitability NGSS HS-LS
ISBN 978-1-98-856692-4
Edition 2022 (third edition)
Number of Pages 404


Product Description



  • Science Practices
  • Cell Specialization and Organization
  • Feedback Mechanisms
  • Growth and Development
  • Energy in Living Systems
  • Interdependence in Ecosystems
  • Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycles
  • The Dynamic Ecosystem
  • Social Behavior
  • Inheritance of Traits
  • Variation of Traits
  • Evidence for Evolution
  • Natural Selection and Adaptation
  • Biodiversity

This new, full color edition of BIOZONE’s Biology for NGSS has been specifically written to meet the requirements of the (NGSS) for high school Life Sciences (HS-LS).

Structured on the Disciplinary Core Ideas of the NGSS framework, this title provides a flexible approach to delivering NGSS. BIOZONE’S high-quality infographics and inquiry-driven pedagogical approach inspires students to be curious about the scientific world. Our unique, interactive worktext approach encourages direct interaction with the content, allowing students to record their answers within the context of the stimulus material and form a “record of work” for quick and easy revision.


Features and Benefits

  • Full color throughout
  • Glossary (English/Spanish)
  • The introduction to each chapter provides students with clear, achievable learning outcomes.
  • Each chapter opens with an anchoring phenomenon to introduce students to concepts that will be explored in the content.
  • This edition contains an increased number of practical investigations, with an equipment list for each.
  • Enhanced coding clearly identifies DCIs, Crosscutting Concepts and Science and Engineering Practices across activities.
  • Carefully designed activities connect Engineering, Technology and Applications of Science to DCIs. Students are encouraged to apply their understanding to developing creative, feasible, and ethically responsible solutions to real world problems.
  • Specifically designed summative assessments conclude each chapter.