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Biology for NGSS (2nd Edition)

Presentation Media (Slides)

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Suitability NGSS life science (grade 9-12); General biology or life science (grade 9-12)
Format Download
Number of Slides 590
Licence Type Full Site
File Types PowerPoint, Keynote
Compatability Mac OS & Windows

Product Description

The Biology for NGSS (2nd Edition) Presentation Media (slides) series provides an exciting collection of over 500 slides (exact number to be confirmed) that can be used for a lecture-style presentation. The download contains fully-editable slideshow presentations in PowerPoint and Keynote formats to enhance your lessons. A generous site license allows files to be placed in every computer on your campus.



Topics in this series include:

Topic Slides #:
1 Science Practices 37
2 Cell Specialization and Organization; 114
3 Feedback Mechanisms 39
4 Growth and Development 39
5 Energy in Living Systems 31
6 Interdependence in Ecosystems 53
7 Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycles 33
8 The Dynamic Ecosystem 45
9 Social Behaviour 16
10 Inheritance of Traits 17
11 Variation of Traits 70
12 Evidence for Evolution 28
13 Natural Selection and Adaptation 45
14 Biodiversity 23