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Environmental Science

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Suitability APES, IB Environmental Systems & Societies (grade 10-12)
ISBN 978-1-927173-55-8
Edition 2013 (3rd Edition)
Format Paperback
Number of Pages 250
Size 210 x 297 mm
Color Two-color (black & blue)
Testomonial: LOVE BIOZONE
LOVE BIOZONE resources, and often recommend them to my teachers.

Sasha Ban
Senior Program Manager
New York City Department of Education

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Testimonial: Works Well With The AP Course
I have used the Environmental Science book for several years in AP Env. Science - it works well with the AP Course.

Kelly Kuchenbrod
Harrison High School

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Loving the Biozone books!
I am loving the Environmental Science Biozone Environmental Science Student Workbook!  I like that it is lightweight, reasonably priced, and nicely organized.  I would like to see it updated to meet the new Science standards, like the Biology series has.  Since, I do not have an Environmental Science book for my class, I will be promoting Biozone for this upcoming school year!

From: Ann Pfalzgraf | Created on6/15/2016 11:25 AM

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eBOOK Version:

This book is also available in eBook format. A one year licence
provides a replica of the printed book for iPAD and laptops.

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Product Description


  • The Earth's Systems
  • Ecosystems
  • Natural Ecosystem Change
  • Populations
  • Investigating Ecosystems
  • Land and Water
  • Energy
  • Pollution
  • Global Change

BIOZONE’s Environmental Science Student Workbook introduces students to the Earth’s physical and biological systems, and examines the interactions of humans with their environment.

This edition includes a wealth of current content and aligns the workbook to its supporting digital resources. Structured on the APES curriculum and aligned to the IB Environmental Systems and Societies, the comprehensive coverage of this text makes it highly suitable for any high school environmental science course.

Content includes the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, and in-depth coverage of energy extraction issues, pollution, and the wider environmental implications of urban development.

The ideal companion to both the APES curriculum and the IB Environmental Systems and Societies.



Product Features

  • 160+ Activities

    Varied, engaging activities provide ample opportunity for students to explore and test their knowledge and understanding.

  • Structure Scaffolds Learning

    The workbook structure is based on developing a sound understanding of the Earth’s systems and ecology and then building on this to explore current environmental issues relating to resource use and global change.

  • Concept-based and Accessible

    The complexities of the Earth’s geological and ecological processes are made accessible through a concept-based approach. Students progressively build knowledge and deeper understanding through the use of real-world contexts.

  • Clear Learning Outcomes

    Learning objectives outline the knowledge and skills that students must acquire, with additional guidance as appropriate. Key concepts provide a summary of essential ideas.

  • Literacy

    Confidence in the required terminology is developed through targeted activities.

  • Diagrams, Illustrations and Photographs

    Clear, uncomplicated diagrams, illustrations, and photographs support and reinforce the text.

  • Weblinks

    These support activities where relevant and appropriate to extend learning beyond the workbook and to assist students in visualizing complex processes.

  • Model Answer Book

    Provides suggested answers to the workbook activities. Sold separately.

  • Concept Maps

    Concept maps provide an overview of concepts and connections, identifying the topics to be covered within each of the four contexts (disease, medicine and technology, aging, and exercise).