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AP Environmental Science

Classroom Guide

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Suitability The AP Environmental Science Course and Exam Description Classroom Guide provides teacher support.
Format Free PDF Download
Format Paperback, A4, Full Color
Number of Pages 14

Product Description

The AP Environmental Science Classroom Guide is specifically designed to aid the teacher’s implementation of the CED. These features include:

  • A guide to instructional strategies and use of the book's features, including use in a differentiated classroom
  • Tabulated guide to what environmental legislation is covered in the book and where
  • Strategies for student approaches to environmental solutions
  • Guide to the features of the Teacher's Digital Edition


  1. The Structure of the book
  2. The APES Instructional Model
  3. The Contents: A Planning Tool
  4. Identifying Learning Intentions and Goals
  5. Evaluating Student Performance
  6. Differentiated Learning
  7. Environmental Legislation
  8. Environmental Solutions
  9. The Teacher's Digital Edition