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AP Biology 1

Student Workbook (Run Out Sale)

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Suitability AP Biology. Content and learning objectives address the NEW Advanced Placement Biology Curriculum Framework
ISBN 978-1-927173-11-4
Edition 2012 (1st Edition)
Format Paperback
Number of Pages 386
Size 210 x 297 mm
Colour Two-color (black & blue)
Awesome resource!
We have been using Biozone's AP Biology 1 and 2 over the past two years and I have found it to be an incredible resource.  The alignment to the learning objectives in the new curriculum make it easy to customize to your own course.  The progression of increasingly difficult activities in the book are perfect.

From: Michael Szczepanik | Created on4/12/2014 6:44 PM

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Testomonial: One of the best resources available to life science teachers
The Biozone texts are simply one of the best resources available to life science teachers.  The engaging nature of each module and the real world examples that are infused to each activity make these materials superior and highly effective.  As a life science teacher who has taught in a variety of settings with a diverse number of students, I can attest to the innovative methods in which these books are designed.  Not only are they organized beautifully to allow for a natural flow and connectedness among the content topics, but each page is also mark with notations in an effort to show alignment with standards and differentiation for optimal use in the classroom.  The information on any given page is also segmented into smaller, more manageable pieces of information for today’s student, allowing them to garner the important ideas without being mired in less pertinent details.  Using these materials has enhanced my students ability to critically think and make connections from the classroom to the living world outside the school building, their homes and their communities.  These texts have truly illuminated science and help me, as a teacher, better gauge where my students are at any given time and where they are going.    

Jason J. Crean
Biology Instructor
Lyons Township High School
Vice-President, Illinois Science Teachers Association
Vice-President, Illinois Association of Biology Teachers

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Testimonial: These Workbooks Get Students to Think
The new Biozone AP Bio 1 and 2 workbooks can be utilized as intriguing “guided readings/reviews” for the following reasons.

1. There is recall and connection favoring a working vocabulary (without just strict memorization).

2. Questions not only ask students to identify, state or name but require them to use higher level functions like distinguish, describe, explain why, explain how, discuss, suggest, account for, analyze, predict, interpret …make students think more.

3. Data plotting/graph activities, crossword puzzle, word finds, key term mix and matches, flash card games are fun ways of actively involving the students in their own learning.

4. Photos, diagrams, cross-sections and various illustrations help relay complex ideas in ways that could relate to varying student learning styles •  The updated genetics section, especially the cladistics and phylogeny pages, to give one example, and the maintenance of content about the classification of organisms gives teachers options with content that warrants less if any emphasis now

5. The interpretation of diagrams/data/& charts are key to identifying specific misunderstandings and can be prescriptive or help in remediation for student/teacher

6. The organization of each page reminds me of the short, brief, and to the point online pages students experience when searching the Internet As was my first impression, when I saw the Biozone workbooks almost or maybe even a decade or more ago, at an AP Bio workshop, these workbooks get students to think-they certainly make me think!

When I was an active AP Bio classroom teacher (I am retired from the classroom but continue to be involved in PD associations), I had my AP students purchase their own Biozone workbooks and/or use the workbooks eventually purchased by my school to work individually or in small groups in and out of class in workbook specific segments. I even used the workbooks for a review summer assignment favouring Skills in Biology now incorporated in Appendix A: Science Practices in the AP Biology 1 workbook but had varying assignments over the years.

Bunny Jaskot
AP Bio Retired
Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School

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New Edition Available

A new 2nd Edition of AP Biology 1 can be found here. This latest edition contains all new content and activities to address amendments made in the 2015 Advanced Placement Biology Curriculum Framework.

Product Description


Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • The Biochemistry of Life
  • The Internal Structure of Cells
  • Cell Membranes & Transport
  • Cellular Communication
  • DNA and RNA
  • Chromosomes and Cell Division
  • Regulation of Gene Expression 
  • Sources of Variation
  • Genetic Change in Populations
  • Evidence for Biological Evolution
  • The Relatedness of Organisms
  • Speciation & Extinction
  • The Origin of Living Systems

AP Biology 1 student workbook and its companion title AP Biology 2 together address the New Advanced Placement Biology Curriculum Framework. They provide an excellent resource for classroom activities, homework, extension and exam revision.


Workbook Structure

The four big ideas form the thematic framework for the structure of AP Biology 1 and its companion title AP Biology 2.

Each chapter addresses specific enduring understandings through a series of engaging activities written specifically to address the content of the new AP Biology Curriculum Framework.

The workbook's emphasis throughout is on inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving.Click here to purchase both AP Biology 1 and AP Biology 2 as a bundle.

Download our free classroom guide which assists in the best use of AP Biology 1 and its features.

Click here to purchase both AP Biology 1 and AP Biology 2 as a bundle.



AP Biology Series: Workbook, Classroom Guide, Model answers, Teachers Digital Edition and weblinks


Product Features

  • Write-On Activities

    A wide variety of over 250 engaging activities facilitate effective differential instruction. Introduce, consolidate, extend, and test using the same workbook.

  • Concept Maps

    Concept maps introduce each of three main divisions of the workbook, integrating content across chapters to encourage linking of ideas and application of prior knowledge to new understandings.

  • End of chapter literacy activities

    Student understanding of terms related to essential knowledge is consolidated through a variety of literacy activities. They present a perfect synoptic self-test for students.

  • Weblinks

    These support activities where relevant and appropriate to extend learning beyond the workbook and to assist students in visualizing complex processes.

  • Links and support

    BIOZONE's unique tab system identifies connections to related activities elsewhere in the workbook and provides web-based support and recommended reading to consolidate and extend learning.

  • Diagrams, illustrations and photographs

    Clear, uncomplicated diagrams, illustrations, and photographs support and reinforce the text.

  • Essential Knowledge and Key Concepts

    Each chapter is prefaced by a one-page synopsis of essential knowledge and key terms, providing students with concise learning objectives for each enduring understanding. The key concepts for the chapter are summarized in an itemized list, providing a focus for the essential knowledge requirements of learners.

  • Practical Skills and Mathematical Requirements

    These components of the curriculum are addressed in two complementary ways. Activities involving data handling and interpretation are integrated throughout the workbook, providing real-world scenarios in context. A comprehensive concluding chapter supports these, covering basic planning, computational, and graphing skills to be used in skill development and consolidation, and as a reference.