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Published: Wednesday, April 14, 2021

HURRY AP Environmental Science Introductory Price Ending Soon

Introductory Price Ending Soon
BIOZONE's title: AP Environmental Science introductory price will end on 31st July 2021.

To take advantage of this special price before it ends, click the buy button below or contact our friendly Customer Service team at [email protected]
*Multi-year adoption pricing available on request. 
BIOZONE’s new AP Environmental Science (2020 edition) takes a global perspective, examining the very latest issues concerning the environment including: 
- COVID-19 pandemic
- Increased incidence of wildfires 
- Global climate change
- Finding and applying solutions to environmental problems 

Also available as an eBook

*$36.95 Introductory price
Discount price for 20+ units

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*Important Note: After 31st July 2021 the price for our AP Environmental Science title will be $49.95 RRP ($35.95 Discount price for 20+ units). 
Teacher Support Material
Teacher's Edition

Also available as an eBook Teacher's Edition

The Teacher’s Edition is a version of the student book with additional features specifically designed to aid the teacher’s implementation of the CED. These features include:

  • Suggested answers in place
  • Guide to what environmental legislation is covered in the book and where
  • Strategies for student approaches to environmental solutions
  • Long answers to some research questions and group work at the back of the book

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Classroom Guide

The AP Environmental Science Classroom Guide is specifically designed to aid the teacher’s implementation of the CED.

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Teacher's Digital Edition

AP Environmental Science - Teacher's Digital Edition includes a full non-printable PDF version of the Teacher's Edition.  Suggested answers are included on each page in an interactive HIDE/SHOW format, making it suitable for use with an interactive whiteboard.

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*Terms and Conditions
- Purchase orders must be received by 31st July 2021 to be eligible for introductory price offer.
- While stocks last.

- BIOZONE reserves the right to amend, change or cancel the introductory price offer and/or the terms and conditions of the offer at any time. 
- Not available for resellers. Offer only available for purchases directly from BIOZONE. 
- Any goods returned after introductory price offer end date of 31st of July 2020 will be refunded at purchase price

- Price excludes sales tax.
- Price excludes shipping.