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Published: Thursday, October 29, 2020

💻 What does your classroom look like this year?


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What does your classroom look like this year?   
Whether you're exclusively teaching online or dealing with a hybrid learning environment, our resources can assist you for the 2021 school year. BIOZONE has a range of products ready-made for remote learning. 
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Introducing BIOZONE eBook LITE & PLUS 

eBook LITE

(Affordable Option for budget-constrained schools) 

This version of our eBooks provides a low-cost solution for district budgets that are under pressure. It may provide an excellent add-on to the print book. 

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eBook PLUS

(Full-featured Student Edition) 

This full-featured version of our eBooks provides all the functions of the eBook LITE version, PLUS the interactive components and student answering online.

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