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Published: Wednesday, September 30, 2020

🆕 New Affordable Options for BIOZONE eBooks

Just Launched 

eBook LITEPLUS & Teacher's Edition

BIOZONE is excited to announce that our eBooks are now available in two formats: LITE and PLUS with many titles also having an eBook Teacher's Edition

Ready-made for on or off-campus learning, our eBooks transform our highly engaging print titles into a digital format. 
eBook LITE
(Affordable Student Option) 

Starting from $14.95
This version of our eBooks provides a low-cost solution for district budgets that are under pressure. 

Our eBook LITE is a digital copy of the printed title with the added bonus of:

  • Text-to-speech
  • Page Zoom
  • Add Notes
  • Simple Drawing Tools
  • Markup Tools: color highlight, dictionary definition, Wikipedia lookup, Google search
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eBook PLUS
(Full-featured Student Option) 

Starting from $19.95

Fully interactive eBooks with added learning support materials and embedded questions.

Our eBook PLUS includes all of the features of the eBook LITE with the added bonus of:

  • Embedded Questions: students can answer questions within the eBook 
  • ResourceHub: display annotated 3D models, Website links (3rd party)
  • Offline Resources: offline PDF files & spreadsheets
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eBook Teacher's Edition
(Replica of printed Teacher's Edition with class control)

Starting from $85.95
Our eBook Teacher’s Edition is a version of the student eBook with the added benefit of having the answers in place.

Designed to aid the teacher’s implementation of the curriculum/course. Most of the eBook Teacher's Edition also contains a Classroom guide at the front of the eBook. 
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Compare all our eBooks
  eBook LITE eBook PLUS Teacher's eBook
Embedded Publisher Questions: Students can answer questions online - -
Additional Teacher & Student Offline Resources: Activities that require graphing, drawing, model making, Offline PDFs and spreadsheets - -
Embedded Resource Hub: Links to YouTube videos, web links, spreadsheets, 3D models, online simulations -
Answers in Place: See all of the suggested answers for each activity - -
User Notes, Drawing and Mark-up Tools
Disability Support: Read Aloud (Text-to-Speech)* English only
Selected Text: A comprehensive collection of MARKUP tools allow students to interact with text
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