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General for Student Projects

Biologie Leistungskurs (German language)
Biologie Leistungskurs is a biology discussion board for german speaking students from around the world, and in addition to the forums contains a free encylopedia and presentations for students.
Biology in Motion
A great site containing many useful and interactive activities and exhibits. Requires Flash and Shockwave plug-in.
House fly - Musca domestica Linnaeus
An informative site, introducing the house fly, displaying a lot of information, on all stages of the insects life cycle.
Mr Knight's AP Lab Activities
This site has a description of 12 laboratory exercises, aimed for students sitting the College Boards AP Exams. The expected outcomes, expected results and sample multiple choice questions are provided.
Part of the Studyzones.com site, this activity is titled: Investigating the Water Potential of a Celeriac.
Brine Shrimp Links
This site contains reviewed and categorised links about brine shrimp.

Skills in Biology

Scientific Investigation
Simply explains the stages of a scientific investigation, including: defining the question, deriving a hypothesis, performing an experiment, and writing up the results.
What is Plagiarism?
Aimed at the student, this site helps explain what plagiarism is and how to cite references appropriately.


Handbook of Biological Statistics
A comprehensive online text covering the apporpriate use of a wide range of parametric and non-parametric biostatistical tests.
Chi-Square Lesson
An introduction to statistics and the use of Chi-square.
This site explains analysis of variance (ANOVA) for comparing means of three or more variables.
Statistics Glossary
The Statistics Glossary is a compilation of stats topics with subject titles ranging from Basic Definitions and Presenting Data to Hypothesis Testing and Time Series Data.
Welcome to Hyperstat
An excellent site covering basic and more advanced statistics, experimental design, data analysis and research procedures. Well worth a visit.