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BBC News: Space rock contains organic molecular feast
Scientists say that a meteorite that crashed into Earth 40 years ago contains millions of different carbon-containing, or organic, molecules.
BBC News: Martian methane mystery deepens
Dr Lefevre says the chemistry of the Martian atmosphere is still a mystery. The dynamics and chemistry in the model does not match the measurements, we cannot reproduce the uneven distribution they see from Earth.
BBC News: Space rock yields carbon bounty
An analysis showed four times more formic acid in the fragments than has been recorded on previous meteorites. The researchers told a meeting of the American Geophysical Union that the formic acid was extraterrestrial.
BBC News: Complex molecules seen in space
Astronomers have detected two of the most complex carbon-rich molecules ever found in interstellar space.
Archaea in Space
Studies of archaea enzymes conducted on the Space Shuttle could help explain how these organisms survive at extreme temperatures and pressures and could have far-ranging implications for everything from exobiology to biotechnology.
Assessing Extraterrestrial Biomass
While the basic geological conditions on Mars could provide the minimal requirements for life to exist, new geochemical models suggest the biological potential of the red planet may be minimal. Chances of life on the Jovian moon Europa are even slimmer.
Cosmic Ancestry
This site examines the possibility of life on earth arising from life in space. Articles include bacteria on earth originating from space, how does life evolve, testing for cosmic ancestry.
Exobiology Home Page
Exobiology is the study of the origin of life on this or other planets. This site provides a comprehensive list of sites that cover: Chemical origins of life, RNA worlds, and the search for life on Mars.
Mars Global Surveyor
A site hosted by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) that provides excellent background information and photos of the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft's encounter with Mars.
Mars Pathfinder Mission
The NASA site provide extensive reporting and photos of the Mars Pathfinder mission, including reporting of scientific findings.
NASA's Exobiology Program
The Exobiology Branch conducts research in Exobiology seeking to increase knowledge of the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the universe.
NASA's Mars Missions
NASA site that provides details of latest Mars missions: Mars Surveyor 98 and Mars Surveyor 2001.
Space Biology
Throughout the Spacebio.net site, you will find a large collection of downloadable teaching materials organized by topic area, profiles of publications and resources, and annotated links to relevant Web sites.

Living in Space

Life Sciences Data Archive
NASA's Life Sciences Data Archive contains information and data from space flight experiments. This site also contains pictures and videos about life in space.
Living and Working in Space
An interactive website, This page is aimed at having fun while learning about space. General information includes living and working in space, the human body in space. Also play some interactive games such as what happens to your body in space.
International Space Station
The latest information on the progress of the International Space Station.
NSSDC Photo Gallery
The excellent photo gallery of the National Space Science Data Center. Full colour, high resolution images from space - well worth a look.

NASA sites

NASA Education Program
From this site, access information related to NASA's research and development. Specially provided for science educators.
NASA Spacelink - An Aeronautics & Space Resource For Educators
An aeronautics and space resource for science educators, providing answers to frequently asked questions about NASA and space technology. Also provides access to educational materials and services.
The NASA Homepage
Home page for NASA and provides links to other NASA sites, press releases and educational resources.