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General Sites for Resource Management and Agriculture

BBC News: Sahara Sun 'to help power Europe'
A $400bn (£240bn) solar project in the Sahara desert has been announced by a consortium of 12 European businesses. The Desertec Industrial Initiative aims to supply Europe with 15% of its energy needs by 2050.
(Aus) Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry
An informative site covering issues from forestry, agriculture, the greenhouse, fisheries, and rural issues in Australia.
Biological Control of Possums [PDF]
Biological control (immunocontraception)will reduce possum breeding. This site hosted by Landcare Research, explains further what is involved in managing the huge population of possums in New Zealand.
(NZ) CBER-Center for Biodiversity and Ecology Research
The Centre for Biodiversity and Ecology Research aims to facilitate an integrated approach to research into biodiversity and ecology, to provide consultancy and advocacy services, and to educate.
(UK) Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Examines the various issue including farming, sustainable agriculture and the environment, fisheries, food issues including public and animal health, BSE and TB.
Food & Ag. Organization of the U.N.
This site is provided to raise level of awareness in better nutrition and agriculture in rural areas, includes fisheries, forestry and has a statistical database
International Institute for Environment and Development
This site covers issues ranging from environmental planning to drylands, forestry and use. As well as human settlement and sustainable agriculture.
(NZ) Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
From this homepage you can find out about the role of MAF. What the MAF standards for importing and exporting foods and animal products are, as well as recent publications.
United Nations Environment Programme
The UNEP site deals with worldwide environmental policies, and future impacts of environmental interest on a global scale.
World Resources Institute
The World Resource Institute covers a wide range of issues from natural resources to conservation. Topics include forest resources, sustainable agriculture, health and the environment plus many more.

Land Management

Australian Dryland Salinity
The Australian Dryland Salinity Assessment site, gives information on the extent, impacts, processes, monitoring, and management options to areas affected by salinity problems.
(Aus) CSIRO Land and Water
This site part of CSIRO, looks at sustainable agriculture, urban and rural water management, as well as catchment and ground water management.
(NZ) Landcare Research
From this homepage you can access sites by Landcare covering aspects of their work. Including topics on pests, soil and erosion, weeds, native forests, and biological control.

Fisheries and Aquaculture

CEFAS - Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquacultural Science
A UK based research and consultancy center, providing services and information in fisheries science and management, environmental monitoring and assessment, fish farming and more.
CSIRO Marine Research
CSIRO Marine Research an Australian government organisation conducting research in the sustainable use of Australia's marine resources, the ocean's role in climate, and the effective conservation of the marine ecosystem integrity.
EEA - Fisheries
Part of the European Environmental Agency, this section is focused on the key problems and solutions to sustainable fisheries management, includes sections on reports, data and Indicators.
EUROPA - The Common Fisheries Policy
The Common Fisheries Policy administered by the EU works to ensure through international cooperation to allow for the continuous renewal of stocks and the protection of marine ecosystems.
NOAA Fisheries - National Marine Fisheries Service
An extensive site covering issues on aquaculture, commercial and recreational fisheries, endangered species, fisheries trade and economics. Also has a kid's corner with resources for teachers and students.
(NZ) Marine Recreational Fishing
The NZ Ministry of Fisheries site dealing with the management of recreational fishing in the New Zealand exclusive economic zone.
(NZ) Ministry of Fisheries
The role of the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries in sustainable fisheries management. Four related sites may be accessed from this root address.
Stuff for Students
This page relates articles in recent issues of Water & Atmosphere online to the NZ Curriculum and the NCEA Achievement Standards.
(NZ) National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research
From the NIWA Homepage, access different sites dealing with current research in water and atmospheric management. Includes material on marine and freshwater fisheries research, coastal and climate studies.
(NZ) Sta*rfish
The Ministry of Fisheries uses this site to provide information to students and teachers about New Zealand fisheries including some real fisheries management issues.
World Aquaculture
This webpage introduces the reader to aquaculture, what is it?, important commercial species, concerns of aquaculture, diseases associated with aquaculture, plus more.


Australian Forestry
This site provides comprehensive information on the Australian Forestry Industry, facts, figures and maps are included.
(NZ) Forest Research
This site deals with research, technology and services of forest and forest product sectors.
(UK) Forestry Commission
Find out about what the Forestry Commission of Great Britain is doing to protect and expand the country's forests. Includes research projects, the forest industry and recreation.


Choose from the subheadings below:
Agriculture - An Overview
Part of Access Excellence web site, this is a brief overview explaining what agriculture is.
Agriculture 21
Part of the Food and Agriculture organisation of the United Nations. This site looks at various issues in agriculture, the latest news and spotlight issues.
(NZ) AgResearch
The site of the department of Agricultural research in New Zealand, including press releases, latest publications and further information.
Food & Agriculture Organisation of the U.N.
The Food and Agriculture Organisation site aims to raise the level of awareness of better nutrition and agriculture in rural populations. Issues include agriculture, fisheries, forestry, nutrition as well as containing statistical databases.
Sustainable Agriculture Educational Page
This educational web page explains sustainable management in an easy to understand manner. Includes information on soil erosion, pesticide use, plus links to other websites.
What is Sustainable Agriculture?
A look at sustainable agriculture. Includes farming and natural resources, plant production practices, animal production practices, plus more.

Human Population Growth

BIO 599/799 - The Human Population
Extensive use of graphs and tables to compare past, present and predict future human population growth. Covers the concerns of overpopulating the planet.
Human population growth
A page from Kimballs web site that looks at human population growth, carrying capacity of the earth, demographic transition, age structure among populations and more.
Dimensions of Need
Part of the FAO website. Choose from the many topics available to learn more about agriculture and the population, sustainable agriculture, world trade, plus more.
Feeding the World: The Search for Food Security
Part of the Food and Agriculture organisation of the United Nations. This site looks at the world population growth and agriculture.

Crop Production

Agronomic Crop Disease Fact Sheet
Maintained by the OHIO State University, this site lists fact sheets for various crop diseases. Each fact sheets details the symptoms, disease cycle and methods for control.
Crop and Grasslands Service
This site is part of Agriculture 21 and deals with plant production and protection. From here learn more about the many different crops. This site is quite extensive, so below are some web pages which look at rice, corn and sorghum.

Livestock Management and Improvement

Breeds of Livestock
This website at Oklahoma State University is an educational and informational site on breeds of livestock found throughout the world. Learn about different breeds of cattle, goats, swine, sheep, and horses. All with pictures. Well worth a look.
Bst: Milk and the Cancer Connection
A reprint of the article first published in the International Health News. It looks at the concerns of insulin-like growth factor as a potential risk in the development of cancers.
Genetics Australia
Find out about Dairy sires, progeny testing, artificial insemination and the equipment required, and mating information. The 'Technology info' section has a great list of downloadable pdf files on reproductive organs and cycle of cattle, existing and new reproductive technologies, plus more. Well worth a look.

Factory Farming: The Issues

Factory Farming in New Zealand
This webpage focuses particularly on the the factory treatment of pigs in New Zealand, however it also provides links to sites on chickens, cows and other factory farming.
SAFE Factsheets : Battery Hens
A collection of information about battery hen farming in New Zealand.
British Hen Welfare Trust
The British website for the welfare of farmed poultry.

Resource Management Legislation

(NZ) New Zealand Ministry for the Environment
This site provides a good overview of the role of the New Zealand government in environmental management.

(NZ) Regional Councils of New Zealand

From here visit the various regional councils of New Zealand. They provide information on environmental issues, transport issues, water quality plus more.

Pests and Pest Control

AQIS: Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service
AQIS provides information about quarantine service in Australia.
Association for Natural Bio-Control Producers
Provides useful information about biological control agents and their use in both commercial agriculture and home gardening.
Biological Control
A North American bias, but valuable for its coverage of the general principles of biological control agents. Includes a tutorial on the concept and practice of biological control and integrated pest management, including photographs and descriptions.
Biological Control: Bacillus popilliae
Maintained by the University of Edinburgh, this web page looks at using the bacterium Bacillus popilliae to control the Japanese beetle. Also includes 7 other biological control profiles.
Biological Control Lessons [PDF]
This is a direct link to a PDF file. It discusses the value of predictive models to help understand and explain the effects of biological control agents, using both theory and specific models.
Biological control options for invasive weeds of New Zealand protected areas [PDF]
This is a direct link to a PDF file, and is a detailed report on the investigation to provide the Department of Conservation with guidance about the appropriateness of biological control for weed species affecting protected areas in NZ.
Biological Control Virtual Information Centre
Provides links to biological control organisations, databases and web sites around the world.
Biosecurity Risks, and Management of Pests and Weeds
A Landcare site, concerned with the introduction and control of pest species in New Zealand. Includes good detail on recent attempts at fertility control in possums.
Defenders: Natural Biological Pest Control
This UK based site looks at various pests, the damage they cause, and biological control methods. Includes aphids, mealybugs, red spider mite, scale insect, sciarid fly, slugs, thrips, vine weevil, and whitefly.
Ichneumon wasp: Field guide
Hosted by the Texas Cooperative Extension, this a description on the wasp and additional information such as Pest Status, Habitat, Food Sources, and Management.
Integrated Pest Management
This program looks at integrated crop management, plant pathology, pest management, weed management, plus more.
IPM in and Around the Home
Part of Ohio State University, this web page briefly looks at integrated pest management in and around the home. Includes IPM tools, strategies and practices.
Manaaki Whenua Press Catalogue: The Brushtail Possum
Suppliers of this excellent text covering the biology and impact of the Brushtail Possum in New Zealand. Search the catalogue and buy online.
Rabbit Calicivirus Fact Sheet (CSIRO, Australia)
A fact sheet on RCD and its effects.
(NZ) Pest Control
'pest control' displays articles and extracts from MAF-funded research into controlling pests that threaten New Zealand's productive capacity.
Pests in New Zealand
Threats to biodiversity through the action of animal pests. Also has a section on weeds in New Zealand.
Rabbit Calicivirus Disease and Biological Control
This site examines what biological control is by using Australian examples in particular the rabbit calicivirus.
The Pesticide Management Education Program
This site promotes the safe use of pesticides for users. Contains a range of information, and under 'Fact sheets/ Tutorial' learn more about various pesticide topics.