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General Sites for Microbiology

British Mycological Society
Provides a large number of links to research groups, identification and classification keys.
Dairy Microbiology
Maintained by the University of Guelph, this site starts with an overview of basic microbiology and then looks at the uses of microorganisms in milk.
Information about Microbiology
An excellent site that provides access to information on the major groups of prokaryotes, the control of microbial growth, and the mechanisms of bacterial pathogenicity.
Major Groups of Prokaryotes
An excellent site, part of Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology,that provides a detailed description of the major groups that comprise the prokaryotes. Good photos and diagrams.
Normal Flora of Bacteria in Animals
Accessed from Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology, this page looks at the bacterial flora of animals: what's normal and what is not.
Society for General Microbiology
This society has a range of resources. Included are educational resources for teachers, abstracts from microbiology journals, Microbiology Today magazine on line plus other related links.
The Microbe Zoo
A great site, full of microbial information presented in a fun and easy to learn manner.
The NewMicrobial World
This web site looks at a range of topics concerned with microbes. Learn about fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms, and their uses from medicines to biological control.
The Nanoworld Image Gallery
Provides an image gallery to view images of cells and cell structures or investigate the use and application of electron microscopy through the TEM and SEM pages.


All the Virology on the WWW
A collection of virology related websites of interest to virologists, and others interested in learning more about viruses. It includes, link collections, virus pictures, course notes and an on-line virology bookstore.
Introduction to the Viruses
This webpage displays basic virus information, descriptions, theories, history, and simple details of viral structure. Links to related terms are also included in the content.
Mimivirus - Unintelligent Design
With the recent discovery of a truly monstrous virus, scientists are again casting about for how best to characterize these spectral life-forms. The new virus, officially known as Mimivirus (because it mimics a bacterium), is detailed in this Discover article.

Spoilage and Food Preservation

Food Additives and Ingredients Association
Looks at additives and ingredients for healthy eating.
Food Safety and Nutrition Information
A directory site covering various aspects of nutrition. Includes Nutrition & Health, Food Safety, Food Biotechnology, and more.
How Food Preservation Works
A look at how food preservation works. Includes refrigeration, canning, dehydration, salting, fermenting, chemical preservation.
National Center for Home Food Preservation
A look at the numerous methods for preserving foods. Includes FAQ's, historical information on preservation, multimedia, and more.