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Endangered Species

AAAS Science Magazine: Florida Panthers Dodge Extinction
Fifteen years ago, Florida panthers were in a world of hurt. Only about two dozen of the beleaguered predators roamed in southern Florida, and because of inbreeding they suffered from heart defects, reproductive problems, and other maladies. Scientists calculated that there was a 95% chance that the panthers would die out within 20 years if nothing was done.
BBC News: Species' extinction threat grows
The IUCN Biodiversity Conservation Group is putting pressure on the governments to start getting serious about saving species. Conservationists warn that not enough was being done to tackle the main threats, such as habitat loss. The Red List warns more than a third of species assessed in a major international biodiversity study are threatened with extinction.
ARKive - Images of Life on Earth
Using film, photographs and audio recordings, ARKive is creating a unique record of the world’s biodiversity - complementing other species information datasets, and making a key resource available for scientists, conservationists, educators and the general public.
(NZ) Brown Teal
This site provides information about New Zealand’s critically endangered Brown Teal (Pakete), efforts to help conserve and manage them, and who is involved. The information and work programmes covered in this site are part of Recovery Efforts to conserve this unique species.
(UK) CWT-Biodiversity Action Plans
The Cheshire Wildlife Trusts runs many projects and biodiversity action plans for species and habitats in the United Kingdom.
Elephant Information Repository
Learn more about elephants, including their biology and behaviour, conservation, general news plus more.
Endangered Species
A US site that provides information on the laws that protect animals, selected species survival plans, endangered species fact sheets, and photos of endangered species.
International Rhino Foundation
The website of the International Rhino Foundation shows information, news and statistics on the various Rhino species around the world.
(NZ) Kakapo Recovery Programme
The website of the International Rhino Foundation shows information, news and statistics on the various Rhino species around the world.
(BBC) Global plan to rescue amphibians
An expert summit in Washington DC, backed by IUCN has discussed the cost of protection of habitats, disease prevention and captive-breeding projects, and for the ability to respond to emergencies of the worlds frogs, toads and salamanders.
BBC News: European bison on 'genetic brink'
One of the two remaining wild herds of pure bred European bison is down to an effective population size of just 25. While European bison can interbreed with American bison (Bison bison), they are a separate species, having considerable genetic and morphological differences.
(NZ) Kiwi Recovery Programme
. The site includes a wealth of information, current efforts and future plans for saving the kiwi.
(NZ) Native Species of New Zealand
Provides details of native species, including management and recovery plans for: bats, Chevron Skink, Kakapo, Kereru, Kiwi, Kokako, Yellowhead, Stitchbird, Takahe.
Save Our Frogs
A look at the causes leading to the disappearance of many amphibian species and what we as individuals can do about it.
SOS Rhino
This site provides information resources on the Rhinoceros, up to date rhino-news, a section with Rhino multi-media, and info on research, projects and grants involved with the Rhino.
(Aus) Threatened Species and Ecological Communities
Provides excellent information on Australia endangered species and threatened ecological communities.
Threats To Global Biodiversity
This web page provides information on the threats to global biodiversity, it has many diagrams and images to illustrate the discussions on topics such as hunting, pollution, climate change and invasive species.
Web trade threat to rare species
During a three month investigation an International Fund for Animal Welfare probe found some of the world's most endangered species for sale online - almost all being traded illegally. This is the BBC report.
WWF-Endangered Species
This site by WWF, briefly examines the distribution and population of various threatened species including African elephants, rhinoceros, tigers and more

Habitat Loss

Causes of Habitat Loss and Species Endangerment
Part of the Sierra Club, this webpage looks at the causes and effects of habitat loss in the US.
Rainforest Destruction  
Part of the Save the Rainforest site, this section shows clearly many of the factors which cause or lead to rainforest destruction, topics ranging from tourism to dam building are discussed.
Rainforest Information Centre
Rainforests are the womb of life, home to over half the Earth's species. The Rainforest Information centre is a volunteer, nonprofit organisation dedicated to protecting them.
Soil Erosion and Water Infiltration
A brief introduction to soil erosion. Follow the sections through for more information
The Coral Reef Alliance
A look at the threats to coral reefs (home to 25% of all marine life) such as sedimentation, fishing with explosives, cyanide, dredging, waste pollution, and global warming.
We Need Our Forests
Part of the World Commission on Forest and Sustainable Development, this page briefly examines the importance forests have in our lives.

Conservation Issues

CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. It aims to ensure that international trade in wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.
Conservation International
This site deals with conservation on an international level and provides the reader the latest news articles, conservation strategies and programs.
Greenpeace International
Greenpeace is an independent, campaigning organisation which uses nonviolent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force the solutions which are essential to a green and peaceful future.
International Whaling Commission
This is the website of the IWC, which was set up under the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling. The purpose of the Convention is to provide for the proper conservation of whale stocks.
The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy aims to preserve plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth.
World Wildlife Fund
The WWF is the world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organisation with a global network active in some 100 countries. WWF's mission is to protect nature and the biological diversity that we all need to survive.


(Aus) Environment Australia On-line
A large site with numerous links to sites dealing with important environmental issues in Australia.
(Aus) Nature Base Western Australia
The Dept. of Conservation and Land Management is responsible for the management of Western Australia's parks and reserves.
(NZ) Department of Conservation
The Department of Conservation is the Government agency in New Zealand that promotes biodiversity conservation, historic conservation, the conservation experience, conservation partnerships and quality conservation management.
(NZ) Forest & Bird
An active conservation group, with updates on their projects, access to their latest information on conservation issues and recovery plans on various endangered species in New Zealand.
(NZ) State and Trends of New Zealand Lakes
New Zealand lakes are monitored for a number of variables. These variables are combined to produce a Trophic Level Index, which tells us the overall condition of a lake. The individual variables and the Index are presented on this web site.
(NZ) Bushmans Friend
This site is educational and informative. It is ideal for teachers, students and anyone else looking for information on New Zealand  native plants.
(NZ) Landcare: Education
An overview and details of research projects carried out by Landcare New Zealand in the field of conservation biology and endangered species management.
(NZ) The Changing Face of New Zealand's Whaling Policy  
This extract (from "Whaling and Anti-Whaling Movement", ICR, 1999) explains about New Zealand's whaling policy and discusses the history and factors that have lead to it's strong preservation outlook.
(UK) 1996 State of the Environment Report
Part of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, this report aims to provide an overview of Scotland's environment. Issues range from human impact, air and water pollution and to monitoring of the environment.
(UK) English Nature
English Nature is the statutory service responsible for looking after England's variety of wild plants and animals - the country's biodiversity - and its natural features.
(UK) Environment Agency
This site looks at the state of the environment in England and Wales, including industrial emissions, water and air quality, land management. It also includes charts and graphs were possible.
(UK) Natura 2000 Network
This site introduces us to the global objective of the Habitats Directive and the Natura 2000 network.
(UK) Naturenet
Naturenet is a voluntary enterprise in the UK concerned with the management and conservation of its countryside. This site has many sections to visit including biodiversity and legislation, as well as links to many local organisations.
(UK) Protected Areas of Scotland
This site is part of Scottish Nature Heritage, which is a government organisation that promotes the conservation and enhancement of habitats, species and landscapes in Scotland.
(UK) Protecting Wales Natural Heritage
Wales is renowned for its rich variety of landscapes and wide diversity of wildlife. This site is part of Countryside Council for Wales, which is an organisation devoted to preserving the habitats and species of Wales.
(UK) The National Trust
The National trust is a registered charity which aims to protect the threatened countryside and buildings in England, Wales and Ireland. This site offers background information, the latest issues concerning the region as well as places to visit.
(UK) The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Conserving birds and wildlife in the UK. Contains wildlife information, nature reserves, conservation issues plus more.
(UK) The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
Devoted to conserving wetlands and their wildlife in and around Britain and Ireland. This charity organisation is concerned with conservation issues, breeding programmes and do research into population numbers and distribution of wild fowl around the world.
UK Safari
Focused on UK Wildlife this site contains a wide range of information ranging from Wildlife gardening to Animal Parks. Also it provides excellent descriptions and photo's of many of the UK's animals, amphibians and insects.