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General Sites for Cell Biology

BBC News: Cell discovery clues to body clock and beating jet lag
New discoveries into how the body clock works could provide clues to help combat jet lag, research suggests.
Kimball's Biology Pages
A comprehensive biology site created and maintained by John W. Kimball, a retired graduate of Harvard College where he taught immunology.
Molecular Biology Web Book
A free web book, covering such topics as Cells and viruses, protein structure, DNA and Cell division.
NIH: Using technology to study cellular and molecular biology
Using Technology to Study Cellular and Molecular Biology—developed with the the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR)—is a creative, inquiry-based instruction program designed to promote active learning and stimulate student interest in medical topics.

DNA Replication and Mutation

Transcription and Translation


A Guide to Microscopy and Microanalysis
A comprehensive annotated listing of sites in electron, light, confocal, laser, scanning probe, nuclear magnetic, x-ray microscopy, image analysis, nondestructive evaluation, spectroscopy, surface science. 
Biological Applications of Electron and Light Microscopy 
A site devoted to links providing images taken with electron microscopes of insects, worms, plants, cells, and microorganisms. 
Part of the University of Kansas. Great source of histology slides ranging from cell structure to human physiology.
History of the Light Microscope 
Learn about the history of light microscope from the creation of the first lens to microscopes of the 19th century.
Images from the Microscope 
Explore the world of optical microscopy. Check out the photo gallery and have fun with the virtual microscopy. 
Magnetic Resonance Microscopy
MRM is basically MRI at a microscopic level. MRI can be accomplished at almost any hospital but for acquiring MRM data sets of the type we have worked with, there are only a few facilities world wide. All of our scans have been done at the Duke University Center for In Vivo Microscopy.
From this home page you can visit image galleries, movies, 3D microscopy, books, projects, join the club and more.
Mimivirus - Unintelligent Design  
With the recent discovery of a truly monstrous virus, scientists are again casting about for how best to characterize these spectral life-forms. The new virus, officially known as Mimivirus (because it mimics a bacterium), is detailed in this Discover article.
Scanning Electron Microscope 
Learn about how scanning electron microscopes work and view  the image gallery. There are also teacher resources on using microscopes for in the classroom. 
University of Delaware - Histology 
Mammalian Histology at the University of Delaware is taught at a comprehensive level and concentrates heavily on human tissues and organ systems. A sizeable collection of color light microscopic images as well as black and white electron microscopic images have been archived and can be accessed by links with this home page.

Cell Structure and Transport

Animal Cells
Part of J Kimball's website, this page looks at the organelles present in animal cells.
Information on Aquaporins from the Biomedical Hypertext site.
Cell Breakage and Fractionation 
Part of the Access Excellence site, uses diagrams to explain the process of cell fractionation. 
CELLS alive! 
Investigate many aspects of cellular biology: how cells move, how a lymphocyte kills cells, cell sizes compared, cellular chemotaxis, cell suicide and more. 
From this home page explore many aspects of cellular biology. Enter the image gallery to view images of cells and cell structures or investigate the use and application of electron microscopy through the TEM and SEM pages.
The Virtual Cell 
This allows you to cut into a 'virtual plant cell' in real time and view its internal structure. A worthwhile visit. Includes electron micrographs of plant cell structures. Includes a movie of ATP synthesis in the chloroplast.
Transport in and out of Cells
Learn about cellular transport with these excellent diagrams. Well worth a look.

Cellular Transport (Animations And Movies)

Cellular Structure and Function (Animations And Movies)

Cell Division

Cell Division: Binary fission and mitosis
Provided by Estrella Mountain Community College. this chapter covers the cell cycle, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell division, and the phases of mitosis. Well worth a look.
Cell Division: Meiosis and sexual reproduction
Provided by Estrella Mountain Community College. this chapter covers ploidy, lifecycles, the phases of meiosis, gameotigenesis, and a comparison of mitosis and meiosis.
Mitosis and Meiosis
A very brief illustration by the access excellence web site, comparing mitosis and meiosis.
The Cell Cycle & Mitosis Tutorial
This web tutorial explains the mechanics of the cell cycle and mitosis. Using clear diagrams and easily understandable text, the explanations are followed up by a number of problems. This tutorial is part of the greater site that is The Biology Project.

Mitosis / Meiosis (Animations AND Movies)