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General for Animal Biology

The animalearn website is a teacher-focused online resource for alternatives to dissection and animal experimentation in the classroom.
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy lecture notes
Maintained by Gary Richardson from the Eastern Kentucky University. Provides extensive lecture notes on comparative vertebrate anatomy, including skeletal, muscle, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, urogenital, and nervous systems.
Interactive and Virtual Dissections
Online Nursing Programs provides a list of resources for the virtual dissection of various animals and the human body.
Frog Dissection for Biology 110
This site contains a complete overview and guide to Frog Dissection for Biology 110, from external anatomy, urogential system through to cleanup procedure.
Designed for the student, this online frog dissection is definitely worth a look. Plus it also has online quizzes and tests.
Insect Mouth Parts
This site contains many excellent photographs and schematics of insect mouthparts, including chewing, siphoning, combinations, piercing and sponging.
Insects on the Web
A very nice site produced and maintained by Dexter Sear. Contains an excellent macrophotography section, an area discussing insects role in human culture, useful educational resource information and links to other sites of interest.
The interactive frog dissection was designed for use in high school biology classrooms. It is a valuable preparation tool or even a useful substitute for laboratory dissection.
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit Version 2.0
This interactive frog dissection was designed for use in school biology classrooms as a useful preparation tool or a substitute for laboratory dissection.
A series of excellent Flash animations of Zoology topics hosted by the Biological Science's faculty at the University of Alberta, including Fish Gill Models, Atrichial Sweat Gland, Life Cycle of Obelia, and many more.
Zoology Multimedia
A website for animal biology, contains information on animal types, classification, tissue and form & function. Hosted by the University of Wisconsin.
Embryo Images Online
Embryo Images Normal and Abnormal Mammalian Development is a tutorial that uses scanning electron micrographs (SEMs) as the primary resource to teach mammalian embryology. The majority of micrographs that are utilized in this tutorial are of mouse embryos, the remainder are human.


Homeostasis: General Principles
This web page gives an introduction to what homeostasis is and how it is achieved.
Physiological Homeostasis
Written for the AP student, learn about negative feedback control, water regulation, blood sugar regulation and temperature regulation.
Learn more on temperature regulation, endothermy and homeothermy.

Physiological Systems

The Digestive System
Part of Estrella Mountain Community College Online biology book. Covers the digestive systems of different organisms, the various stages in the digestive process, and the components of the digestive system.
Animal Circulatory Systems
Containing several excellent diagrams of fish, squid, frog and lizard heart systems, this site gives clear information on multiple animal circulatory systems.
B-EYE: See the world through the eyes of a honey bee
Observe a variety of images and investigate how another organism perceives the world.
Cow's Eye Dissection
A slide show to use in the classroom which takes you through with step by step instructions on how to dissect an eye.
Respiration in Aquatic Insects
Looks at the composition water, and various adaptations of aquatic insects to alleviate the potential problems of low oxygen availability.
Respiratory System: chpt 41
These lecture notes written in note form, include an introduction to respiratory systems, respiratory surfaces (skin, gills, tracheal system, vertebrate lungs), respiratory pigments, gas exchange and transport.
Comparative Physiology of Freshwater Vertebrate Kidneys
A look at how the kidney structure and function differs in different animals adapted to different environments (i.e. freshwater, marine and terrestrial habitats).
Amphibian Embryology Tutorial
This tutorial provides excellent photographs and movies on cleavage, neurulation, fertilisation and gastrulation in amphibians.
Asexual Reproduction 
Asexual reproduction is the formation of new individuals from the cell(s) of a single parent. This part of Kimball's website discusses Budding, Fragmentation and Parthenogenisis.
Insect Hormones
A look at the hormones involved in metamorphosis.
Reproduction: Fact Index
This web page is a series of reproduction facts on sexual and asexual reproduction. Also included are a variety of links, including: conjugation, self replication and reproductive technology.
Reproduction in Animals
Reproduction is the creation of a new individual or individuals from previously existing individuals, this page on the About website discusses asexual reproduction.