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General Sites for Animal Behaviour

Monarch Migration
A brief introduction into the migration of the monarch butterfuly. Includes useful links to related sites.
CNN: The octopus: One of Earth's smartest
Octopuses are so smart they tip-toe around awkwardly on the ocean floor hoarding coconut shells to later build themselves a fort to defend themselves from predators, a new Australian study has found.
NOVA: Read my Lips
Bonobos have many ways of letting other bonobos know what's on their mind. In this slide show, study a random sampling of bonobo facial expressions and gestures
Animal Behaviour
A site exploring aspects of the biology and behaviour of selected African mammal and bird species.
BBC News: Songbirds sing cross-species duet
Two different Amazonian bird species sing the same song, say scientists. Males of the two antbird species have the same call to keep other males off their patch. The researchers from Oxford University believe this is the first evidence of two separate species having the same territorial song.
BBC Earth News: Eel reveals its migration secrets
The first step towards finding out where the ultimate destination is for the European eel which migrates to the Sargasso Sea to spawn. In 2006, the team attached miniaturised pop-up satellite tags to 22 large adult eels which they released from the coast of Galway, western Ireland. The tags record not only the location of the eel but also the daily activity of the eel, recording speed, depth and direction.
BBC Earth News: Amphibians mate under a full Moon
This global phenomenon has never been noticed before, but frogs, toads and newts all like to mate by moonlight.
CMS - Convention on Migratory Species
Also known as the Bonn convention, CMS aims to conserve migratory species throughout their range. This site contains information relating to these goals, and news of current events.
How Females Choose Their Mates
An article by Lee Alan Dugatkin and Jean-Guy J. Godin. Female choice can be a complex interaction between instinct and imitation.
Innate Behavior
Definitions and examples of innate behaviour (taxes, reflexes and instincts).
The main focus of this site is on migration in the monarch butterfly but also includes bird migration and migration of the a Northern elephant seal.  Easy to read and informative.
Monarch Watch
Part of the University of Minnesota, this site is dedicated to the monarch butterfly. Includes biology, migration, tagging, conservation, and research projects.
A user friendly website with lots of photos and easy to read pages. Learn about: adaptation, mimicry, pheromones, and migration.
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
A site exploring aspects of SAD: causes, treatments and the role of melatonin in regulating the internal body clock.
Sexual Selection
This site, part of the University of British Columbia, explores the aspects of sexual selection including male competition and female choice.